As people continue to live life, they form relationships with other people, including family members and co-workers; and also close friends who become close as if they are considered as family.

Relationships – the way in which two or more people are connected, by blood, by marriage, by work, by intimacy, by interests, or by friendship – require a lot of work, by all the people included.

But relationships give meaning to life; they are a result of people needing each other for various reasons: for emotional support, psychological well-being, love, and affection, etc. But not all relationships are good relationships.

Relationships require constant work, focus and patience. There are so many people complaining about one and other in the family and even aged parents stating how the children control them in every aspects of their life.

As a story goes:

There were a group of porcupines an animal with many long thin sharp spikes on its back for protection and which lives in the forest.

This was during the winter time when the temperature dropped all the porcupines gathered together and discussed to overcome the cold and while discussion they felt all the bodies together gave them the warmth and they were hopeful that will survive. But the quills were poking all of them since it was sharp.

One of the porcupines just said that he cannot tolerate this poking and left the group and went alone to the interior of the forest. Being winter the porcupine felt very cold and could not stay alone rather thought that staying together even though uncomfortable and painful we can survive rather than dying alone.

In our relationship there is always a package deal. In a relationship we can feel the warmth of a meaningful and loving relationship.

You can either get the warmth of love and will have to tolerate some sharp poking in life or be alone comfortably yourself and miss out the most amazing deep bonding and the warmth of love of pure relationship. The choice is always yours.


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