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Mudras at a glance:

Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means posture or pose. In the word Mudra 'mud' means joy and 'ra' means produce. Mudra is a gesture which produces joy and cheerfulness. Mudras originated from Hinduism and Buddhism. The documentation records for Mudras found in "Mantra Shastra" (the book of chants), "Upasana Shastra" (the book of worship and prayers) and the "Nritya Shastra" (the book of classical dances). Srimad Bhagavad Gita mentions that Lord Krishna was in the posture of Gyan Mudra When he gave the knowledge Gita to Arjuna. Swami Mahavir Jain and Guru Nanak Devji in Sikhism are always shown in Gyan or Dhyan Mudra. Egyptians, Christians and Muslims also used hand signs and mudras for various rites and rituals. 200 Mudras are used in Bharatanatyam and 250 Mudras are in Mohiniattam, 108 Mudras used in Tantric rituals. In other term Mudras are silent language of self expression and consisting of hand gestures and finger postures. It involves the entire body, the Mudras looks as a closed electrical circuit which can pass energy throughout our body.

Mudras Functionality:

The physical body is made up of five elements, each finger represents a specific element in our body.

  • Thumb - Fire
  • Index finger - Air/Wind
  • Middle finger - Sky/Space
  • Ring finger - Earth
  • Little finger - Water

Imbalance of these five elements interrupts the immunity system and causes diseases in our body. When a finger representing an element is brought into contact with the thumb element the disturbance is brought into balance, therefore the disease caused by the imbalance is cured. Mudras create electromagnetic force within the body which restore health condition and joining of fingers creates an effect on the body.

Mudra is also a science based on the principles of the Indian Medical Science (Ayurveda) which lays down three factors primarily responsible for the body's ills Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha(Phlegm).

Mudras should be practiced with using both hands together, which creates loop and entity. Usually from 5 to 45 minutes is required to do practice everyday by using appropriate Mudras with proper pressure and touch including sitting position and breathing.

However the effectiveness of the Mudras not only depend on the practices but it also depends upon the eating habit, diet and the lifestyle of a person.

Mudras can bring amazing changes in mental levels, spirituality, body and improvements for human beings. Mudras can help in speedily balancing of the elements in our body.

Guidelines for Mudra Practicing:

  1. Mudras can be practiced in sitting position either in meditation pose or sitting on chair with keeping the back straight.
  2. Mudras practice should not be done with full stomach.
  3. Mudras practice should be discontinued in case of uneasiness or pain in any part of the body otherwise mind could not be able to concentrate on practicing Mudras.
  4. It is important to know the benefits and contraindications of the Mudra before we start it.
  5. Mudras must be done by pressing right points in the hands.
  6. Optimum benefits can be achieved by practicing Mudras with both hands .
  7. It is important to be regular and consistent in practicing to get desire and permanent results.
  8. One should not continue practicing the same Mudra after achieving results when a Mudra is done to cure particular diseases.
  9. Mudras can be practiced spiritually for healing and can be practiced 45 minutes to have victory through the Mudras.
Your fingers are priceless medicine
Practice Daily Mudra and have a healthy life!


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