Risks And Benefits You Need To Know
about drinking cold water

Consuming cold water has both pros and cons for health.

Benefits of drinking cold water:

  • Ice cold water will make you refreshed
  • Helps rehydrate, when you are feeling that you are running out of energy than drinking cold water will help you to replace the lost fluids and brings back the energy.
  • cold water activates the sensors that are under the skin, and this will make you to stay alert.
  • ice-cold water keeps you attentive by activating adrenaline hormone and also relieves you from different pains and aches.
  • Ice cold water works as a toxin remover from the body. Drinking cold water regularly can prevent from toxin buildup in the body.
  • Ice cold water can remove the heat that is formed during a workout and keep you hydrated to help you during work out.
  • Coldwater increases the metabolism and hence helps in weight loss.
  • It improves immunity and helps in healthy glowing skin and hair texture.

Risks of drinking cold water:

  • If you are having a cold or cough or fever it is not advised to consume cold water to avoid more risks.
  • Sore-throat caused by drinking cold water can bring discomfort and other problems.
  • Drinking chilled water might disturb your digestion process.
  • Coldwater solidifies the fat that has accumulated in the body post mealtime.
  • Reduces heart rate and there is a chance of stroke under certain climatic conditions.


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