Every major achievement is almost always preceded by hard work, failure, stress, test of character, determination and sleepless nights.

This will help from the network of roots that can give real accomplishments

This reminds us of Chinese Bamboo. A tree that grows really tall to the height of eighty feet and it takes over five years to grow to its full height.

Whenever you feel hopeless, just remember a story narrated of a mother giraffe which is to be remembered in our life.

Patience has its rewards.Nothing of substance happens in a moment. All too often we are unwilling to wait for success and tend to settle for shorter tree meaning to happen immediately.

Long term sustainable success takes time. So when we feel frustrated by lack of results and want to give up please DON'T. Think of the bamboo tree which takes time to grow to the height of eighty feet tall.

When you feel the world is unjust and is refusing to recognize your hard work and your commitment don't panic be calm. Later after years of slogging it out and being unrecognized and then finally achieving success be prepared for people to say the person is lucky and they have become an overnight success.

Alas if only they know about the Chinese Bamboo how long it took for the growth people will not say that overnight success.

Patience is to be calm no matter what happens, constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities.


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