True people and True Colour of Balloon

Never Judge a customer by his appearance is a saying :

We tend to judge people by their external manifestations, the way they speak,the way they dress, yes of course the first impression is the best but it's even more important to ensure that we do not get carried away.

Young people are quick to copy the mannerisms and styles and looks of their more successful role models but don't spend time on developing the core the real values that make for real success.

We are reminded of a story which follows a balloon seller at a village fair the kind of fair made famous.

Well the balloon seller was selling helium(lightest chemical gas)filled balloons in various colours. As they soared into the sky the crowd roared and kids tugged into their parents arms urging them to get those balloons. It was attracting attention each time the balloon seller released another balloon of different colours that soared into the sky.

Seeing this an innocent boy went to the balloon seller and asked if you release another colour of the balloon again it will also soar high as the rest? Correct The balloon seller explained it is not the colour of the balloon that matters it is what inside that makes it rise.

So appearances don't matter, it's what is within that makes the difference. That's a lesson we would all do well to remember when we look at other people.

And when we look at ourselves, look deeper, look within you to make it rise like the balloon.


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