The Essence of Yoga

Yoga means "union" or "connection." In Sanskrit, the word "yoga" is used to signify any form of connection. Yoga means the conscious connection. Conscious connection to something that allows us to feel and experience of a particular thing. Humans seek connection because it is ultimately fulfilling. Disconnection is the source of our greatest pain. It leads us to loneliness.

Yoga is a science of self-transformation, of speeding up our natural growth. And it is a journey that takes some time. Yoga is an amazingly broad and rich science of self-development that human existence is an amazingly wonderful, and occasionally terrifying process; and that there are tools which can allow us to face life with more courage, awareness, skill and higher consciousness.

The key to yoga is awareness--discovering the bright intelligence that lies within us all. When we find and cultivate this aspect of ourselves, we create our own health, happiness and peace which we can then, in turn, convey to others.

Yoga is a tool and in essence teaches us balancing out the energies and balance the mind, body and spirit equation. Yoga empowers you to gain mastery over your own body functions.

Every human being on earth should make an attempt to explore this possibility and learn yoga. Otherwise mere existence limits life. Thus, don’t live a limited life …celebrate a yogic life.

Hope you enjoy every day of your life…


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