Wake up life lesson

Have anyone set up an alarm clock to wake up in the morning am sure we have, and of course we do not know how many of us are successful in waking after the alarm goes. It’s quite amazing to see the reaction of different people when the alarm goes ringing.

Some people when the alarm rings they are so deep in their sleep in a state of rest. Everyone wakes up but there are people who are fast asleep they keep sleeping when others are awake and these categories are called SLEEPERS .

The second type are those who when the alarm rings they would say let me sleep for 5 more minutes and they extend the time for further 5 minutes and in the fifth snooze they wake up, and we call them as SNOOZERS.

The next category are the people who wake in the first ring and they sit in the bed not knowing what to do and they are very incomplete, rather once again they go back to sleep and we call them as FALLERS. These persons fall again and go to sleep.

The fourth are the people who immediately get up once the alarm goes in the first ring get out of the bed and start the day to day activities. We need to analyze which option we belong to and the fourth are called the WAKERS . They actually wake up on the first ring of the alarm.

Thus the spiritual wisdom is like an alarm it is meant to awaken us up spiritually so that we can make the correct decision think right do right and live right.

And when this spiritual wisdom alarm rings there are 4 types of alarm once again.

Now the first are sleepers they hear the alarm and off they go to sleep and cannot make a decision the second are snoozers they say we need to change but not today and they keep postponing things and the next are the fallers they do everything right but at certain point they go wrong in discharging the duty last but not the least are the wakers they start the process of transformation and change by the earliest.

In the end all of us have to be wakers and not the sleepers, snoozers or the fallers. So we must think right speak right do right and live right in life.


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