Acres of Diamonds as relevant today

The story goes like this: some many years ago there was a farmer who had a large tract of land and an even larger heart.The farmer would visit traders and priests and from one such priest he learned about Diamonds.

Diamonds that can make you rich and can make all the dreams come true.

Sensing an opportunity to earn a fortune the farmer decided to hunt for the diamonds. He told the priest he wanted them and sold the land and left his family in the care of the neighbours and went in searching for the diamonds.

Meanwhile back on the land which the farmer had sold the new owner was watering the plants when all of a sudden he saw something glittering. It was a large stone and seeing its radiance he picked and kept at home.

That same night the old priest came to the new owner's house and seeing the large stone he exclaimed Ah a diamond. The new owner said he picked it in the garden, and in fact there are lots of such stones all over the garden.

It's an old story but the lessons are as valid today.

The goals we seek the wealth we lust for are all there right beneath our feet. Often in our quest for more we go out looking for success. We think a change of job, change of location is essential for success.

Why do we fail to recognize the diamonds are under our own feet. Like diamond in their rough forms we fail to recognize the opportunities that come our way.

A good lesson to remember in times of good or bad we all have acres of diamonds right beneath our feet ,We only need to learn to look!

Don't look anywhere for success, it's under your feet to recognize them and act accordingly.


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