Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

Eyes are very sensitive organs in the body and one has to give good attention and care for it. Any damage or irritation to the eyes will result in an abnormal or uneasy lifestyle. Day to day activities might be interrupted if there is a problem in the eyes. Itchy eyes are one such problem.

Itchy eyes could be caused by any of the following:

  • Lack of moisture in the eyes
  • Improper use of contact lens
  • Allergic particles in eyes
  • Infections in eyes due to virus or bacteria
  • Weather condition might impact your eyes
  • medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid malfunction and others

Home remedies for Itchy eyes:

Cold compress or cold bag pack : se a damped white clothes or a ice pack on your eyes to relax your eyes

Cucumber slices : cucumber slices have antioxidants that give a soothing effect to the irritating skin and swollen eyes. The cooling effect will reduce the irritation and itching of the eyes.

Green tea bags : se a damped white clothes or a ice pack on your eyes to relax your eyes

Aloe vera juice : saloe vera juice has anti inflammatory properties that will reduce the dryness and itchy eyes. Use aloe vera juice dipped in cotton balls and place in on your eyes.

Castor oil : castor oil is a good lubricant and traps the tears inside to keep the moisture in the eyes. Dip the cotton in castor oil and squeeze it and use it.


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